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What’s better than a vanilla cupcake? One with a surprise inside, of course! These homemade vanilla cupcakes (made from vanilla extract, eggs, flour, unsalted butter and sugar, among other things) are baked in festive cupcake liners. Once they have a chance to cool, the fun begins – slice out a hole in the center and pour in a batch of mini m&m’s, before replacing the top of the cupcake and frosting like normal.
Source I Am Baker

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spring cupcakes

Image by John Flinchbaugh

Forget peanut butter and chocolate – the new combination that everyone is raving about is pumpkin and chocolate. These cupcakes take the best of both worlds by combining something delicious (chocolate) with something delicious and healthy (pumpkin.) The rest of the batter is easy to make, as it consists of yellow cake mix, brownie mix, and several additional ingredients. While these treats are baking, whip up some vanilla bean buttercream frosting to make them complete.
Source Picky Palate

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bird cupcake

Image by tompagenet

Sometimes the classics are the best. Even though you can make cupcakes that contain everything from squash to spinach, and in flavors like Nutella, pineapple and rose (yes, rose) there are some that are infinitely better than the others. Look at these chocolate chocolate cupcakes, for example. They consist of chocolate batter, flavored with chocolate powder and vanilla extract, and are topped with chocolate icing and a few chocolate shavings. Classic, yet perfect.
Source Naturally Ella

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Construction Birthday Cupcakes
bird cupcake

Image by abakedcreation
Hand drill on blue vanilla buttercream and red velvet cupcake.

Carrot cake cupcakes and cream cheese frosting combine to make these adorable Easter themed cupcakes. The carrot cake batter contains a few unique ingredients: pineapple, pecans, coconut, and, of course, carrots. The homemade buttercream frosting is used in its original color to make the nests (add a few mini Cadbury eggs for effect) and tinted yellow to make the Easter chick cupcakes. A few extra details, like bits of chocolate for the eyes, and voila! Easter goodness.
Source Cupcake Adventures

We’ve added this bird cupcake image:

cookie the bird with a really long full name I can’t quite remember
bird cupcake

Image by massdistraction

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