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We’ve added this spring cupcakes image:

spring cupcakes

Image by Laurence Vagner

If you’ve gotten tired of the same old boring chocolate, white and vanilla cake cupcakes, look no further. This summer-y “alternative” cupcake is made from some standard ingredients: flour, sugar, butter and eggs, but is flavored with some non-standard ones: avocado and lime. The frostings (there are two atop these treats) consist of avocado (mashed avocado, butter and sugar) and lime cream cheese (cream cheese, butter sugar and lime extract.) Are you ready for something different?
Source Cupcake Project

We’ve added this wedding cupcake image:

the cake model of product planning
wedding cupcake

Image by bschmove
it’s actually two different models for how to introduce new scope to a product over time. I strongly prefer the bottom. To explain…

Most organizations plan out new products and experiences using the model at top. They start with cake, then maybe add some filling, and then plan to add the icing as the final step. It makes sense from an operational perspective. But there’s problems with this model from the customer’s perspective and from a competitive perspective. Cake with no filling or icing isn’t that appealing. Plus, anyone can make cake.

A better model for planning new experiences is the cupcake model. Start with something small, but very desirable. Move on to additional releases that also balance the expected (cake) with enough filling and icing to create a great experience that sets you apart.

Make your own Happy Hour treat with these Meyer lemon limoncello cupcakes. The limoncello in the batter and the frosting turn these into an adults only treat that should not be served to kids. Of course you can always make a batch or two without the limoncello, but where’s the fun in that? These cupcakes are flavored with the aforementioned limoncello, fresh Meyer lemon juice, and Meyer lemon zest. They are filled with homemade lemon curd, and topped with cream cheese frosting – there isn’t much sweetness in these cupcakes!
Source Tartelette

Chai latte cupcakes are a great fall or winter cupcake, especially when you tire of the classic chocolate and vanilla flavored treats. What’s unique about this recipe is that it uses instant chai powder, rather than requiring you to mix the spices on your own. This gives them a stronger, more robust flavor. Other seasonings, like cardamom and vanilla, are used in the batter as well. The frosting is a buttercream that has been flavored with cinnamon and more cardamom. Talk about your unique, yet tasty, combinations!
Source A Spicy Perspective

We’ve added this bird cupcake image:

Downtown Gallery Hop, March 2013
bird cupcake

Image by Tallok
Downtown Gallery Hop
Jacksonville, IL

What’s better than a vanilla cupcake? One with a surprise inside, of course! These homemade vanilla cupcakes (made from vanilla extract, eggs, flour, unsalted butter and sugar, among other things) are baked in festive cupcake liners. Once they have a chance to cool, the fun begins – slice out a hole in the center and pour in a batch of mini m&m’s, before replacing the top of the cupcake and frosting like normal.
Source I Am Baker

We’ve added this spring cupcakes image:

spring cupcakes

Image by John Flinchbaugh

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