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Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie Cupcakes

Chocolate, bourbon, pecan pie, cupcakes, butter pecan frosting. Do we really need to say anything else to convince you to pull out a mixing bowl? These adult goodies may be more on the complicated side of the kitchen, but the finished product, essentially tiny bourbon pecan pies with chocolate crust, is worth twice the effort, easy. Be sure to allow enough time for the chocolate cake bases to cool, and in the meantime, get to whisking the yummy pecan pie filling that makes this recipe perfect for Thanksgiving festivities.

Source: Half Baked Harvest

Triple Salted Caramel Cupcakes

Salted caramel is on the fast track to worldwide obsession, right behind bacon in any form, so it’s no surprise that there’s a perfect recipe for salted caramel cupcakes. These cupcakes are the real deal, pushing caramel past the frosting and actually into the tiny cakes. This time, salted caramel cupcakes means just that, the actual cupcake is flavored too! This recipe strives for the perfect balance between sweet and salty, the ultimate flavor achievement. Once you’ve perfected the art of caramelizing sugar and pouring it into cakes, top them with caramel rounds coated with large crystal sugar for a finished product fit for kings.

Source: Sprinkle Bakes

Dark Chocolate Oatmeal Cookie Cupcakes

Oatmeal makes everything healthier, right? And dark chocolate is loaded with antioxidants, so this hybrid recipe shouldn’t dredge up any feelings of guilt. This one is more of a deep-dish cookie than a cupcake, but it has a cupcake’s shape, so we’re on board. Once you’ve converted these boring, flat piles of oatmeal, brown sugar and chocolate to tiny delicious cakes, top them with homemade ganache and enjoy thoroughly. You’ve earned it.

Source: Recipe Girl

Red Velvet cupcakes are classics. They usually consist of cocoa powder and red food colored (hence the name). This particular recipe also includes sour cream (to make them moist) and vanilla extract (to enhance the flavor.) Once you have combined these ingredients, along with the other ones, baked them and allowed them to cool, top with a homemade cream cheese frosting, as well as a few sprinkles. To make them even more festive, bake them in cute birthday or holiday-themed cupcake liners.
Source Recipe Girl

You’ve heard of red velvet cupcakes – but what about blue velvet? These Wild Blueberry Velvet cupcakes consist of whole blueberries, cocoa powder, flour, buttermilk, oil, sugar, two different shades of gel paste (to get that deep blue and purple coloring) and several other items. The results are a rich, deeply flavored, dark blue cupcake. The frosting is a homemade cream cheese blend that has been tinted several different colors in order to produce a wild effect. These are both cute and tasty at the same time!
Source Amanda Cupcake

There are so many different cupcake flavors in the world that it can be tricky to choose one to bake. However, if you’re tired of the more traditional flavors like chocolate and vanilla, these lavender and matcha ones might do the trick. Matcha is a finely ground (or milled) green tea powder that is normally used to make tea, but works just as well in baking. These cupcakes contain matcha, as well as many other, more “traditional” ingredients. What about the lavender, you ask? Well that’s placed on top of the cream cheese frosting!
Source Best Friends for Frosting

Is there anything better than buttermilk cupcakes topped with cherry buttercream frosting? The answer to that is – well, no. These cupcakes are the very top of the pile. They consist of buttermilk, cherries, eggs, flour, and a bunch of other “classic” ingredients. The main flavor comes from both the buttermilk and the cherries themselves. The frosting contains cherry brandy (which makes them an adults-only treat) as well as butter, sugar, salt and vanilla extract. Once you’ve eaten one of these treats, you’ll be hooked!
Source A Spicy Perspective

Just because someone is vegan, that doesn’t mean that subsist on vegetables and tofu. In fact, there are many vegan dessert recipes to choose from – including these coconut brulee cupcakes. The bottom layer is made from seven simple ingredients, including warm water to substitute for eggs, and almond milk instead of cow’s milk. The top layer consists of Earth Balance, almond milk, shredded coconut and brown sugar. It’s spread on while the cupcakes are still in the oven, and takes the place of frosting.
Source Je Suis Alimentageuse

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